The Knowledge of God

Few begin with a natural faith in God;
Many, in fact, actually resist the Lord.
There is skepticism and sometimes rejection,
But the Lord continues to offer salvation.

Over the years the heart begins to understand God,
He is found to be a gracious and merciful Lord.
He understands the simple and He speaks to the heart;
In time there is the receiving of Salvation’s Cup.

How God saves the soul of a person remains a mystery;
But the heart does not reject the Lord most definitely
The soul finds a quiet sense of rest when God is mentioned;
This is one of many ways in which one confirms salvation.

The hand takes up the Cup of salvation given so graciously;
The heart finds a natural desire to draw near to God truly.
Our wonderful Lord gives salvation to all, full and free!
May we never doubt His glorious love to grant us mercy!

Inspiration: Psalm 116

by Charles Tan

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