My Grace Is Sufficient For You

The apostle Paul was an outstanding servant of the Lord,
With great zeal, he devoted his life to the cause of God.
He led a full life and his ministries were greatly blessed,
For the sake of the kingdom of God, Paul had little rest.

There came a day when this man of God had a thorn in the flesh,
It caused great pain and within his soul there was great unrest.
He sought God with hope in his heart that he might be healed,
God’s reply was , “My grace is sufficient for you.” “Be still!”

Paul had suffered much for the cause of the Gospel ministry,
He was beaten, he was stoned, and he endured much misery.
Through every trial he experienced he had found God’s grace,
He must now exercise greater faith as he runs his final race.

God had promised His grace to be sufficient for all life’s needs,
Paul drew a deep breath and humbly accepted God’s will indeed.
He will find fresh strength to cope with his thorn in the flesh and more,
He will find God’s grace sufficient. He chooses to rejoice as before!

Inspiration: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

by Charles Tan

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