Seeking God with Heart and Soul

God hides Himself from those who are not sincere;
But to the genuine seeker He will be found to draw near.
Even the grave sins of idolatry may be forgiven;
The penitent cry of the sinner will be heard in Heaven.

The challenge is to seek God with the whole heart;
The heart must be fully repentant right from the start.
The heart recognises the futility and folly of leaving God;
In shame and in humility the heart seeks after the Lord.

The heart’s search for God is matched by the soul;
The deepest longing is for God to make him whole.
There is an emptiness that nothing else can fill;
Only the sweet knowledge of God and His will.

What wonderful hope and joy may be found again;
Restoration will inspire the creation of a new refrain.
The heart and soul have been fully forgiven and restored;
The Lord God and His people walk in harmonious accord.

Inspiration: Deuteronomy 4:29

by Charles Tan

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