Let Us Return to the Lord

Sin will always leave deep marks on our heart and soul;
And it almost seems as if nothing could ever make us whole.
But there is yet hope if we return humbly to the Lord;
He is faithful and He will heal us… such is our God!

How we must turn to God and bring to Him our burdens;
Let us seek His face till He hears our cry from Heaven.
The need to turn to the Lord is obvious to the heart,
Let us determine that from Him we will never depart.

He will revive our hearts, there is no need to despair;
We can cry out to Him and know that He is truly there!
He will raise us from the dungeons that frighten;
He will lead us, if we desire, all the way to Heaven.

Let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord afresh;
Our souls He would indeed cleanse and refresh.
We may be sure that God will forgive all our sins;
He will wash and regenerate us from deep within.

Inspiration: Hosea 6:1-3

by Charles Tan

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