God’s Triumphant Leading in Life

It was not Moses who led Israel out of slavery,
It was God who led His people out of their misery.
It has always been God who was leading the way,
Mighty heroes were only His servants for the day.

Many complain that God’s leading is not clear,
They grumble and fret and lose their good cheer.
To the people who have eyes of faith to see,
God leads with the greatest certainty.

An example of leading is to be found in Jesus’ life,
God may lead in paths of turmoil and deep strife.
Jesus carefully followed His Father’s clear leading,
He had learned to trust Him, never doubting.

God always leads in triumph…many have found,
This is a truth that all have discovered to be sound.
Let there be thanksgiving from the depths of our heart,
For God will always faithfully honour His part.

Inspiration: 2 Corinthians 2:14

by Charles Tan

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