It is I, Do Not Be Afraid

The day had ended, the evening came all too quickly,
The disciples decided to get into a boat immediately.
The dark clouds had swiftly begun to form,
They feared that there would be a storm.

They were right, their fears were confirmed,
The fear that grew within them had caused them to be infirm.
The winds began to howl, and the waves rose high,
The faith they had in Jesus was anywhere but nigh.

They rowed their best for three or four miles,
They worked with grimness, no one had a smile.
The thought that they might die brought on the deepest frown,
Would they now perish and in the sea be drowned?

In their hour of deepest need they looked around with fear,
Then came a voice, “It is I, do not be afraid; ” That brought needed cheer.
Jesus, the Master, was walking on the sea to them with gentle calm,
The fear was gone, the words of Jesus was like a balm.

Inspiration:  John 6:15-21

by Charles Tan

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