My heart is in anguish, my mind throbs with pain,
The words that I utter are no more than complains.
I feel so out of sorts, so moody and so weak,
I am so overwhelmed I can barely speak.

In search for refuge I looked on my right hand,
Would I be fortunate and find a good friend?
“Refuge has failed me, no one cares for my soul!”
Could God restore me and cause me to be whole?

I pour out my troubles in supplication humble,
I am filled with fear and my heart rumbles,
How could the Lord help one who is so overwhelmed?
My faith reminds me that God is sovereign in His realm.

He assures me that He knows the path that I take,
It is fraught with danger, but deliverance He would make.
I do not need to feel overwhelmed if I truly believe,
His bountiful providence, by faith, I will receive.

Inspiration: Psalm 142

by Charles Tan


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