Mdm Chiow Yong and Mr Sunny Lum Kwong Heng

Testimonies of Mdm Tan Chiow Yong and Mr Sunny Lum Kwong Heng


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Our mission here at Comforting Words is to present original poems and songs that will bring comfort and encouragement to people who need to hear a word of comfort based on truth from God’s Word, no empty promises or superficial statements.

Specifically for this video, there are certain terms and conditions that need to be abided with.

While we encourage sharing of the video, please only share the link directly from this site. Downloads to the video are strictly prohibited. Please do not download or attempt to download the video (whether lawfully or unlawfully). Please do not use reproduce the video or any parts of the video for any purposes.

However,  we respectfully ask that you do not alter the content, nor use it for unlawful, illegal, offensive or defamatory activities, or activities which might infringe the rights of other parties.

If you do share the videos on your own social media or webpages, all we request is that you include a link back to . Help us in our mission to reach many across the world who may be hurting and sorrowful, and help us to bring them these Comforting Words.

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