The Mountain of the Lord’s House

The power of sin is truly devastating;
The effects of sin are deeply damaging.
Life becomes miserable and we are in despair;
The future is without hope and nobody cares!

The answer lies in the word of the Lord;
The One who can revive us is our great God.
He will give us His word and personally teach;
His desire is for our souls to be deeply reached.

He will give us much-desired enlightenment;
He will provide the necessary atonement.
He can make us clean and whole again;
And within our hearts will be a glad refrain.

How gracious and merciful the Lord truly is;
Knowing His word will bring true bliss.
The word of the Lord is to be greatly treasured;
It reflects God’s love that cannot be measured.

Inspiration: Isaiah 2

by Charles Tan

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